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General FAQ's

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are health care providers who complete graduate level clinical education that allows them to practice autonomously. Nurse practitioners are regulated through the Health Professions Act, and our regulatory college, the British Columbia College of Nurses & Midwives (BCCNM).

Grounded in nursing, we offer a unique perspective and skill set. The nursing lens focuses on patient centered care, shared decision making, health promotion and illness/disease prevention. NP practice does not require physician supervision. With advanced education in medical sciences, NPs provide comprehensive, personalized, evidenced-based healthcare.

For more information, please visit Nurses & Nurse Practitioners of BC and British Columbia College of Nurses & Midwives.

A nurse practitioner can:

  • Act as the primary care provider for you and your family, similar to a family physician
  • Help you manage and improve your physical and mental health
  • Conduct medical and physical assessments
  • Order and interpret tests, such as medical imaging and bloodwork
  • Diagnose medical conditions
  • Prescribe medications and write orders
  • Complete disability, ICBC, WorkSafeBC, and extended health benefits forms
  • Conduct minor procedures such as intrauterine device (IUD) insertion, removal of lesions, and tissue biopsies
  • Refer you to medical specialists of any type
  • Work collaboratively within a diverse team of health care providers
  • Work in a hospital and more specialized settings across a continuum of care

We offer a wide range of services to our patients including: transcare, IUD and Nexplanon insertion, minor procedures, routine PAP screening, OAT for attached patients, PrEP, myoactivation, options for family planning and more.

Having a consistent primary care provider, who knows you well, is known to result in better health outcomes for patients. Here at Nexus, we strive to provide “Team Based Care” which means you may see other team members at times to ensure you get timely access to care.

No, we are not a walk in clinic.

Generally we do not limit the number of issues per visit. If you have several concerns, these will be prioritized with your provider and an ongoing care plan will be established. In order to serve our large volume of patients, you may be asked to schedule additional visits if all your concerns cannot be addressed in the scheduled visit time.

The Ministry of Health has been working hard to establish new or enhanced primary care clinics all over the province. The community of Nanaimo has been highlighted as an area with a large population of people unattached to a primary care provider, as such provision of care is limited to our catchment area. Please visit the Health Connect Registry to see other health care services available in your area.